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The man in the sauna with THE HOIA!

A Saturday night sauna visit is a common tradition for many people. For men, this is generally associated with a pleasant relaxation with friends, a poker game and a small beer, and often this event tends to switch to a party. I have enjoyed sauna for years. For women, it’s a long way from the party, and the emphasis is on taking care of their bodies. It is quite common for women to make different masks and use body scrubs in the sauna, choose exciting oils for aromatherapy and apply other nice products that are not clear to men. Today, sauna has taken on a completely new meaning for me and I can blame my beautiful husband and HOIA homespa body scrubs here. Thank you!

Like most men, I was quite unfamiliar with using a body scrub, and I didn’t exactly relate it to a masculine act. The only contact with the peeler-like product has been when walking in a pedicure, where it was used on the legs. Although I liked it in every way and it made my feet pleasantly soft and fresh, I didn’t buy such a dubious product at the time. Stubborn as I am, I too had to be persuaded to use the HOIA body scrub. When it succeeded one day, namely my husband promised to peel me himself, I was quite disappointed in myself that I had not previously accepted such a wonderful offer. The skin was so silky, the pleasant lemongrass aroma lasted for hours, and I could feel my skin thanking me and exuded freshness. Even the next morning, the skin was pleasantly soft and smooth. Not that I touch my skin every morning… All the excuses that it’s not masculine get stuck in the hairs, that my skin is already like a baby’s nest (actually wasn’t), etc. flew out of my head now. Although, yes, using a coffee scrub, which is my undisputed favorite because it makes the skin thin so nice, there’s still a piece to do to wash off all the coffee crumbs, but it’s worth the effort. In general, I blame it on my coat, which is unearthly abundant. From the first test, a regular sauna ritual, i.e. a home SPA evening, has already developed. Oh, the misfortune and sadness when you come to the sauna you discover that the body scrub pot has suddenly run out, you can’t even do without it anymore!

As always with these things, once the beginning is made, interest and awareness and the desire to take more and more care of yourself will grow. So the next thing you did was rehab, a face mask cocktail that makes the face super yellow. Although it has wonderful properties, the husband claims, I personally use it more to make ogre for children! (look at the first picture and breathe in a plastic bag to avoid startles). The name REHAB also pleases me, it is perfect to resurrect the skin after a sleepless night, and indeed the skin was very pleasantly fresh after use!

Recently, I also started using a HOIA facial serum to see if and how long I stay beautiful and youthful. Every night I drip this substance on my forehead and cheekbones. The serum is quickly absorbed and is said to relieve sunburn. Since I tend to go for a nice crayfish when sunbathing, in the summer it will definitely be tested for this purpose as well. The first week is over now and my skin is still smooth, there are no wrinkles, and hopefully in a couple of years I can still claim that I am not a day older than 25!

And there are two more HOIA products without which I can no longer imagine my life. HOIA natural deodorants and Monoi butter, the latter of which is probably the most universal cosmetic I have ever used. Monoi butter is just so fast,helps relieve my psoriasis-prone scalp, relieves burns in the kitchen, after a long day in the sun also very effectively relieves sunburn, repairs broken lips in the wind chill, a noseblaze rattled by a cold, repairs broken and rough hands, and smells like a beautiful woman off the coast of Italy. Fortunately, this smell does not stay on for long, otherwise perhaps the entourages will think that I am the Italian woman, and I don’t think it would sit on my wife again.

When in the past I used different roller sports deodorants that did their job properly, but now that I know what kind of crap they actually contain, I decided to swap them for natural HOIA deodorant. Today I have been using HOIA deodorants for 3.5 years now and I am glad that I made this choice. The use seemed a little unaccustomed at first, because the deodorant has a slightly different composition than the deodorants in the store, but now I am so used to it. The effect will safely last a whole active day and you no longer have to worry about the smell of sweat. It is also suitable for skeptics. I look forward to seeing new HOIA products. UPDATE: HOIA the newest deodorant Wild Child, is even better! Its updated composition contains completely natural active ingredients that help you stay fresh during the day, the smell is also pleasant.