Üle 100€ tellimused saadame üle Eesti TASUTA

Men talking about cosmetics!

The very first product I ever tried from the HOIA range was a coffee coin body scrub, which was brought to me as a gift. I’ve never seen a peeler and I had no idea what was being done to it or where it was being smeared, but to be honest, I was interested in this peeling thing. Since it was Sunday, or our family’s sauna day, I made a fire in the oven and began to wait eagerly for it to be finished. Usually it takes an hour to heat the sauna, this time it seemed especially long for 60 minutes, because I went to check every 5 minutes, and I could not go into it with my new interesting oll. I can’t believe it was still an hour before I could start trying out my new thing.

Before I went to the steam room, I wet myself in the shower, just as it was taught, and I started smearing it with my fingers on my shoulders and arms with a black ploy, then went to the steam room, sat on the stage and threw a steam. I felt the sugar melt and the coin kicking in. I rubbed my shoulders and arms one more time, the sugar melted away, and the coin cooled the skin at full speed, making it extra fresh. However, I threw it to the steam and felt my body get hot, but the arms and shoulders where I put the peeler were cool and fresh. It felt like my hands had walked away from my body, it was a completely inconceivable experience! In addition, the coffee crumble gave this whole peeling thing a particularly stimulating aroma. I came out of the steam room and washed up in the shower. My hands were very “fresh” and I actually felt like I had a new energy in my hands, it was like I had totally tufted hands on. I looked at them and stroked them, they were so soft. Actually, I had this bit of a stupid I-don’t-believe-my-hand grin on my face. The energy I felt in my hands is impossible to write down, it must be experienced by myself. I’ve always creamed myself every time after the sauna because I have very dry skin and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to cream my arms and shoulders, my skin was nicely soft and silky. I was sold!

I was already waiting for the next sauna to try the peeler all over my body! So I decided not to wait for Sunday, and impatient as I am, I also heated the sauna the next day. Finally it got hot enough and excitedly ran into the shower, got wet myself and rubbed myself into the headshield from the soles of my feet this time. Since I’m bald, I really smeared my head in addition to the tip of my nose and behind my ear. I looked like a mardisant, only a bag and a hat were missing. It was as if a piglet-like coffee crumb had rolled up and then jumped into a cold mint bath. Only with the difference that I didn’t really feel like a pig at all, because for the piglet it felt too fresh and pleasant.

I went to the steam room, it was about 80 degrees inside. It doesn’t sit very hot on me, it was just right. I threw a steam and felt the hot steam reach me from under the ceiling and pull around me, but the body had such a peppermint veil around me that this heat like it didn’t really reach my body, I felt both warm and hot at the same time and it was a completely unprecedented experience, I enjoyed this incredibly stimulating warm-cold game for another 10 minutes before I came out of the sauna and washed myself back into a person. Now I felt like I was on another planet, like somewhere fresh-skin-to-venus. Secondly, the skin was so soft and silky that even a man could become addicted to it. Third… I felt like I had a new head full of freshness, emotion and new energy. Fourth, this experience gave me such power that instead of the usual 50 words/min, I whined for 100 words/min and my wife wanted to lock me in the basement. This sauna visit is by far the best sauna experience I have ever experienced. And until today, I have not been to the sauna a single time without an HOIA peeler.

I take a shower every morning. They say you don’t have to wash every day, and maybe some people can do it a couple of times a week, but I really need a morning shower. It’s a ritual for me, I like to enjoy in peace and quiet in the morning that the water falls on me, then I can concentrate my thoughts on the day that begins. For the past few decades, I’ve been using various shower gels, soaps and other interesting body matter when I’ve been showering until I was given the same HOIA Coffee Coin peeler as a gift. Let’s just say that after this life-changing event, all these crazy frothy inventions disappeared from my bathroom, collectively called body washes, and I use this exfoliator every day when I take a shower. I especially enjoy using this coffee coin body scrub after the action to achieve its bald appearance, i.e. shaving the head, which really charges the head full of new energy!

The text was written by Rasmus loo from the street 🙂