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11 recommendations for caring problem skin!

Every woman’s signature attitude should be SELF-CONFIDENCE! The importance of being self-confident in a woman’s life cannot simply be put into words. Every woman wants every woman to feel good in her body. We know very well how important a woman’s healthy and beautiful facial skin is and how much distress it causes when the skin is not in order. That’s why we put together a comprehensive post with 11 recommendations, which can be followed by pimples, various puns, dry skin, flakes, acne and other skin amenities. Take a cup of hot coffee and make yourself sit nice, because the post will be a long and thorough 🙂
In front of you is HOIA’s philosophy of radiant skin!

Drink enough clean water!
Did you know that the body is largely made up of water, and the exchange of water in our body is extremely important for the skin to remain healthy and radiant. Water removes residues from the body, and if you do not provide enough clean water for your body, the residues will accumulate in the body and as a result, bulges and pimples may form on the skin. many drinks consumed instead of water contain different forms of sugar (juices, soft drinks, vitamin waters, etc.), which is the bacteria’s favourite food, i.e. sugar, that helps bacteria multiply in the body.Instead of water, you can also drink herbal tea, birch juice, coconut water, spring water, etc.

Check your menu!
We have this belief that skin problems still begin from within – hormones, unhealthy food, medications, low water consumption, stress, food allergies … they all affect the condition of our skin. For puffy skin, try sugary sugar for a week or two! Why? Sugar is a favorite food of bacteria and makes them multiply faster! (PS! You can freely consume our sugar body scrubs, sugar is not absorbed into the skin). If the sugar spa does not have a special effect on your buds, try whether it can help to exclude gluten and/or lactose from the menu and at that time monitor the condition of your skin, perhaps it is the culprit in these substances? You can also take an allergy test to find a potential bulging culprit.

Consume high-quality oils.
It really matters what kind of fats you eat. Crisps, fried foods and foods containing trans fats can turn facial skin into oily, create puns and have a negative effect on the whole body. At the same time, so-called good fats, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, help relieve inflammations in the body and improve the balance of fatty acids in the skin. In Saaremaa, local hemp seed oil and tudra oil are produced, which are excellent supplements and can be consumed instead of cod liver oil (e.g. 1 tablespoon per day). Of course, these oils are also suitable for salad, but not for frying. Cold pressed olive oil is also good, but its Omega 3 fatty acid content is on average less than 1%, while hemp seed oil is about 17%, and tudra seed oil has about 30%. HOIA also uses these oils in its skin care products and we really like them!

Apply Omega 3 fatty acid oil to your skin.
The same hemp and tudra oil are suitable for this purpose, but also, for example, HOIA Raspberry seed oil, Rosehip seed oil and a few more. Tudra oil, although omega 3, is rich in fat hecetes, but can clog pores in some cases. All HOLD Face serums and face oils contain an exceptional amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. Why is Omega 3 so important? Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Omega 6s are found in many foods, but Omega 3 fatty acid is relatively rare in nature, which means its deficiency is rapid to develop. At the same time, the same fat character is extremely important for the skin, and its deficiency can be the cause of various skin problems. So, it is worth eating it in and smearing it, especially if the skin is very dry! You can freely use the aforementioned oils instead of cream, or choose the face serums and facial oils that contain them. So what kind of oil to choose from the HOIA product range? If you have acne-prone facial skin, choose Facial Serum Repair, if too dry then HOIA Rejuvenating Face Serum, Raspberry Seed Oil and Make-up Is Suitable for Highly Sensitive Skin, and Sundrops Superserm is ideal for dull skin! All of them are also perfect for use instead of makeup base cream, so the skin stays soft and moisturized for longer and the makeup stays on for longer. Oil should be dosed much less than the cream, a couple of drops on the face are enough. PS! The right oils do not clog pores (study the comedoneity rating of different base oils), and in our opinion they are absorbed even better than many creams.

TIP! However, if you’re not sure which serums or oils are best for you, we also have a mini collection of all face serums, oils and elixirs Magic Ritual in the store to help you find the most perfect facial ritual for your skin.

Take a critical look at your facial cleansers!
Sometimes skin bulging pastry can be unsuitable substances in your facial cleansing products. The face wash gel could be balanced with PH and should not contain alcohol and the infamous ingredients Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which may contain toxic production residues, these in turn can be absorbed into our bloodstream, accumulate in the body and cause various problems. Also, these substances are harsh on the skin, can damage it and cause contact dermatitis. In addition, these SLS have been found to clog pores. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a slightly milder sulfate, but still can make the skin dry and, when used constantly, cause dryness and scaling of the skin. In fact, it is worth thinking about whether it is necessary to wash your face on a daily basis! The natural sebum of the skin is actually slightly acidic, the PH of the skin is about 5.5 (neutral PH is 7) to protect our largest organ, skin, from bacteria. If we constantly wash off this sebum, or protective layer, the skin will become stressed and will start producing sebum again to restore resistance to the environment. The more sebum, or protective layer, is washed off again, the more the skin will produce sebum and you will be caught in a vicious circle. In addition, the constant oil production of the skin clogs the pores, and your skin can become either too dry or excessive. Instead of washing the skin, we recommend cleaning it with a cotton towel and, for example, a delicate plant with hydrosol, which is not made on the basis of alcohol. In the HOIA product range you can find 5 different plant water: Organic Rose Spray, which is actually suitable for all skin types, but especially well for aging and combined facial skin; burying Organic Tea Tree water and Organic Aloesprei are well suited for problematic facial skin; Organic Cucumber water for sensitive, dry and lifeless skin; and vitamin-rich Organic Watermelon spray suitable for all skin types. HOIA plant waters do not dry the skin, they do not contain preservatives and do not contain alcohol. If you feel that your skin is too dry and tingling, or vice versa, it has become excessively oily, use HOIA vegetable water instead of face washes and/or tone your face. All sprays can also be sprinkled on the face during the day just to boost the skin.

Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week!
Why? Because that’s how all the wonderful oils and serums you pop yourself with are absorbed much better! There are two different types of exfoliators, some peeling off mechanically dead skin cells, and others do the job with the help of light acids and enzymes. Which one to choose? If your facial skin is delicate, sensitive, thin and you have coupé pink and rosacea, choose an enzymatic exfoliator, but consult an expert beforehand, as not all acids are suitable for sensitive skin. Our product range does not yet include acid peelers, but they are suitable for replacing the KEEP Peat Mask Sacred Forest, which contains enzymes and has dozens more beneficial properties. The peat mask is 100% natural and domestic, has deep cleansing and complexion-enhancing properties, and there are no additives inside it. With the peat mask procedure, you can perform 2 actions in one go – peeling and masking. If you like mechanical peeling and don’t think it’s much to offer your skin a nice micromassage, be sure to try our Organic Face Scrub Supersmooth, which includes peeling olive stone grains, organic apple hydrosol, vanilla pod powder, raw cream and aloe. The favorite of HOIA girls is this Face Scrub, because after using the product, the skin of the face remains very nice and soft. In fact, the micromassage that occurs during the exfoliation, improves the blood supply to the skin and helps to make the face radiant.

Surprise surprise! The number 1 and 2 of the skin are alcohol and smoking!
Smoking does not work well for anyone, including, smoking makes the skin dry, clogs blood vessels, disrupts metabolism and contributes to premature aging. Alcohol consumption also has a devastating effect on the skin and body. Alcohol creates puns and dries the skin; Smoking has a very negative effect on the complexion, makes the skin dry and can also cause rosacea and couperose. Reduce your alcohol consumption and quit smoking, and your skin will thank you.

Give up oil-based synthetic fragrances.
HOIA has a friend whose whole organism was completely messed up, plagued by allergies to practically everything, including substances that practically never cause allergies! For example, he also had clay allergies. Her body was so stressed that she just pushed everything away and reacted to everything that was put on her skin. In addition to allergies, her allergy-strewn body was itchy, she had difficulty breathing, suffered from insomnia, and there was also a weight number in the constant upward trajectory. Eventually, he went on strike, too, with the liver. Our dear friend also had a small addiction, was addicted to perfumes and used them daily and extraordinarily! The other day it occurred to me that he had probably developed an allergy to synthetic fragrances, and although his smells were very high quality and expensive, they nonetheless consisted of made synthetic fragrances and other toxic additives. Our fragrance-addicted friend stopped using odors on the day after the suggestion and made him a special mint deodorant without clay and soda, which remained his only fragrance. In the first few weeks, there were slight signs of improvement, but it took him about 3 months to get out of this condition. After liver tests, it turned out that a large number of heavy metals and toxic substances had accumulated in his liver, which the perfumery industry uses zealously. I have also experienced how much evil synthetic fragrances can do. I burned a candle with aromas in the office, and at the end of the day I had a mucous inflammation in my nasopus, which lasted 3 days. Candles are particularly irritating, because we breathe in the aroma that comes from them for a long time. After liver tests, it turned out that a large number of heavy metals and toxic substances had accumulated in his liver, which the perfumery industry uses zealously. I have also experienced how much evil synthetic fragrances can do. I burned a candle with aromas in the office, and at the end of the day I had a mucous inflammation in my nasopus, which lasted 3 days. Candles are particularly irritating, because we breathe in the aroma that comes from them for a long time. We recommend burning scented candles made with essential oils at home, especially where even small children live. But not only candles and perfumes, but also a very, very, very large majority of cosmetics contain synthetic fragrances. We’ve already talked about what they can do when they breathe in. If your lungs can’t stand synthetic fragrances, your skin, which is also an organ, your largest organ, certainly won’t suffer from them! How to recognize synthetic fragrances in cosmetics? Fortunately, this is not very complicated, look at the Ingredients list of your cosmetic product, synthetic fragrances are generally labeled Parfum or Fragrance. It’s much harder to try to give them up because… they are found everywhere, from diapers to toothpastes and cleaning products! You don’t believe it? Check it out. If you haven’t done much groundwork just before you buy your cosmetics, you’ll probably find them in absolutely all your products. Why does the cosmetics industry prefer the use of aroma oils (synthetic) essential oils (natural)? There are 3 main reasons for this! Firstly, fragrances are cheap, secondly, they do not fly quickly (they stay on top of the super-fast), and synthetically you can produce practically all the smells you can imagine! Which products do you prefer? We recommend fragrance-free products made with essential oils. Essential oils are made of plants, flowers and other organic material. Essential oils have an aromatherapy effect and are especially powerful skin repairers when used correctly. HOIA does not use any synthetic fragrances in its products, but aromatic essential oils. Completely fragrance-free (also not containing essential oils) our product range includes Body Foam Crazy Coconut, Makeup Removal Oil, Baby Foam, Baby Foam with Zinc, Organic Argan Oil, Rhassoul Clay and Raspberry Seed Oil and Aloesprei and all the other sprays. It is these products that are suitable for particularly sensitive skin!

Abandon oil-based cosmetics.
In the list of ingredients they are labelled with the following names: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Petroleum, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petroleum Jelly; in Estonian: mineral oil, petrolatom, parafin, Petroleum jelly, etc.

Petrochemicals, or mineral oils, are derived from crude oil, which is obtained from kerosene in the manufacture of gasoline.  These substances create a filmy layer on the skin that prevents the skin from breathing, clogs the pores and interferes with the skin’s natural ability to remove toxins. In essence, mineral oils use moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, absorbing it onto the surface of the skin and thus dehydrating your skin from the inside. Mineral oils drastically slow down the production process of vitamin D in the skin, with its long-term use toxins and bacteria accumulate inside the skin, as a result of which comedones and pimples are formed, and the skin becomes lifeless. For example, if we strip our forearms and put a plastic bag around our hands, then the skin under the film will soon get sweaty. The same happens when we apply mineral oil, paraffin, a cream containing Petroleum Jelly or another product to the skin. Therefore, for the care of dry, sensitive, problematic, puffy skin, you should not choose creams, the main ingredient of which is mineral oils, in fact, we do not recommend using petroleum products at all for the above reasons. In addition, mineral oils cause premature aging of the skin, make it dry and cracky. Apparently, dermatitis, psoriasis and other complex skin problems are associated with the use of mineral oils. NB! Most consumer cosmetics contain mineral oils because it is an inexpensive alternative to vegetable oils. Even among expensive cosmetics, the very mineral oils can often be found. For example, you can also find them, for example, inside Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour cream and other body creams belonging to the same manufacturer as well as other so-called high-class body creams. Find out your products and find out if they contain mineral oil and replace them quickly! When choosing new ones, carefully examine the back of the product, where the ingredients of the cream are listed. Avoid ingredients called Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Petroleum, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petroleum Jelly. HOIA does not use oil-based raw materials, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or others in any of its products; and we’ll never do that either.

Check your makeup table.
Do you wash your makeup brushes properly? Your makeup isn’t out of date, are you? Long-unwashed makeup and expired cosmetics will definitely not look good on your skin. Or, if they do, one of the bacteria-saturated long bulges will definitely 🙂 Various make-up creams that clog pores can also play a role in the emergence of bulges. Our entire HOIA team uses Sampure Minerals mineral powders instead of make-up and BB creams, for example (this is not a paid advert, but a sincere recommendation from our team), they are excellent coverage, light, do not clog pores and there is no feeling of it being made-up at all on the face. There are certainly other high-quality and clean mineral powders on the market! Make sure that your cosmetics also do not contain fragrances, parabens and, above all, petroleum products – you especially don’t want to wear this last one on your skin all day! However, for those who do not like or do not like the powder, HOIA also has a completely throttle BB cream, which is perfect for everyday use! It has a rich composition and also replaces day cream, which means that one product in the morning is quite enough to face the day with a radiant complexion and moisturized skin.

Watch where the bulges come from.
As we said before, we believe that most skin problems come from within, and sometimes the development of bulges on the skin is related to a specific problem in the body. According to a study by Chinese doctor Wang Zheng Hu, places of acne outbreak in the face betray the root cause of their occurrence. The skin reflects the body’s tidiness and maps the face – each zone is matched by a disturbed function of a certain internal organ or the wrong way of life. NB! The causes of acne in every area of the face that we bring here only give in to the general direction and may not apply to everyone.
FOREHEAD. Causes: digestive problems, small intestine, liver problems. Irregular sleep, stress, carbohydrate-rich food. Irritating hair products, thick bangs, dirty headgear.

PLACES OF MIND. Causes: poor lymph circulation, fat-rich menu, overly processed food.
BROW GAP. Causes: weak heart function, excessive alcohol, smoking.
NOSE. Causes: poor nutrition, indigestion.
MOUTH AREA. Causes: excess with spicy food, fried food, constipation. Irritating toothpaste.

CHIN AND CHEEKS. Causes: hormonal, gynecological problems. Kidney problems in the lower part of the face, frequent resting on the face with hands.
LEFT CHEEK. Causes: liver disorders, poor absorption of food. Stress, dirty pillowcase, makeup brush, mobile cheek answer. Inappropriate blush.
RIGHT CHEEK. Causes: Lung problems, various allergies, stomach problems, excess sugar in food. Stress, dirty pillowcase, makeup brush, mobile cheek answer. Inappropriate blush. (Source Anne and Style)

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