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Argan oil

Argan oil is called the “liquid gold” of Berber women, in some places the king of oils and the best natural anti-aging agent. Argan oil is perfect for the body and sou, hands and nails, hair and scalp, babies and pregnant women, sensitive and delicate skin. Madonna, Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie and many other women who have survived youthful are also rumored to be fans of hardened argan oil. HOIA argan oil is ordered from Morocco, from the argan oil farm, i.e. directly from where it is pressed. So what makes argan oil such a wonderful and ethical beauty elixir?

HOIA Argan oil is:
♥ Cold-pressed Morocco
♥ Organic and unrefined
♥ Produced in accordance with the principles of fair trade
♥ High quality
♥ 100% undiluted and pure Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
♥ Produced etherically and environmentally sustainable

Suitable for all skin types. Smoothes wrinkles, inhibits aging, improves the texture, elasticity and complexion of the skin, tightens the naka, helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Argan oil regenerates skin cells, protects against free radicals and harmful effects of the environment. The oil is antibacterial and relieves acne, skin inflammations and skin burns, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Improves the appearance of scars and prevents the development of pregnancy scars. Argan oil is also perfect for delicate and sensitive skin, babies and pregnant women. Protects UV from harmful rays.

Helps to avoid crevices, moisturizes and cares, protects from the harmful effects of the sun in summer and harsh weather conditions in winter.

Argan oil can be used instead of hand cream, in addition to excellent irrigation ability, argan oil also has anti-bacteric properties. Helps to heal brittle and quickly fractured nails, softens and heals cuticles and accelerates the growth of nails.

To give the hair shine, you can add a few drops of argan oil to the balm or shampoo. For dry and brittle hair, use as a hair mask – apply the oil all over your head and let stand for half an hour, then wash off the oil, finally rinse the hair with cold water. Suitable for hair ends or scalp irrigation. Makes hair healthy and strong, reduces hair loss, improves their structure and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.

The environmental role of the Argan tree Argan tree – Argan trees grow only in a small area of Morocco and are part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The root system of the Argan tree is very powerful, which prevents soil erosion and inhibits desertification. Since the oil is squeezed from the fruits of this tree, the tree itself is not damaged in the process, and the greater the demand for argan oil, the less the removal of trees for other purposes takes place. This, in turn, protects the area from desertification, provides shelter for plants from the hot sun and helps preserve a rare tree species. Walnut shells and seed paste left over from argan oil production are used as animal feed, and walnut peel is used as campfire material.

Socially beneficial – In many regions, the production of argan oil is the only way for women to work outside the home and earn an income for themselves. This gives women the opportunity to feel economically independent and independent in a male-centred society. Most women use their income to provide better education for their children.

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