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11 products that argan oil replaces

Argan oil is called the “liquid gold” of Berber women, in some places the king of oils and the best natural anti-aging agent. This ageless serum is used on skin, nails and hair by several Hollywood stars, such as Madonna, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and many others. What products does this wonderful serum replace?

1. Face cream

Argan oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave the skin greasy, it is suitable for all skin types (also sensitive skin). Smoothes wrinkles, inhibits aging, improves skin texture, elasticity and complexion, tightens the skin, helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin; it regenerates skin cells, protects against free radicals, harmful effects of the environment and UV rays. Also suitable for use around the eyes and as a base cream before makeup. Dosing oil requires a bit of practice, but follow the principle that less is more.

2. Acne, dermatitis and psoriasis creams

Argan oil has antibacterial properties and reduces skin soap in oily skin. There is a principle that by applying oil to oily skin, the skin understands that it no longer has to produce as much oil on its own. It is rich in essential linoleic acid (Omega 6), which soothes and heals inflamed and damaged skin caused by acne. Argan oil relieves skin inflammations and skin burns, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis in addition to acne.

3. Means to prevent and improve stretch marks

Argan oil improves the appearance of scars and prevents their formation by keeping the skin elastic. To prevent stretch marks, apply it directly to the skin. Those who have already developed stretch marks can rub argan oil and a mixture of brown sugar into the problem area before the bath and lubricate the scarred area with argan oil even after the bath.

4. Post-shave cream

Argan oil is perfect for relieving bulges, irritation and redness after shaving. Be careful, your wonderful oil may also be snatched by your man, who, in the name of a smooth chin or soft beard, will use it as aftershave or beard oil. Many users find that its use after shaving also helps to reduce ingrown hairs.

5. Body oil

Since argan oil is quickly absorbed, does not leave the skin greasy and is rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid), vitamin E and A, vegetable squalan, then it is also ideal for body oil. Since the oil itself is so valuable and abundant, it is enough to add it to almond oil, jojoba or coconut oil, for example. Dry places can be smeared only with argan oil.

6. Balms, hair oils, scalp care products, hair masks

Argan oil is an excellent tool for caring for soft hair, taming flying hairs and improving the condition of the hair ends. Argan oil makes hair healthy, shiny and strong, reduces hair loss, improves their structure and protects the environment from harmful effects and heat when using straighteners or curlers. In addition, it accelerates hair growth, if you also apply it to the scalp. To give the hair shine, you can add a few drops of argan oil to the balm or shampoo. For dry and brittle hair, use as a hair mask – apply oil all over your head and let stand under the shower cap for half an hour or all night, then wash off the oil, finally rinse the hair with cold water.

7. Lip balm

Argan oil is also great for lips, it helps to avoid crevices, moisturizes, cares for and protects from the harmful effects of the sun in summer and harsh weather conditions in winter. Hoia lip balm is also rich in argan oil.

8. Nail oil

Nails are grateful for the treatment of argan oil, it helps to heal brittle and quickly twisting nails, softens and heals cuticles, improves nail growth. Remove nail polish, wash your hands and apply a few drops of oil on each nail and cuticle, leave on your nails for a while (you can also pull on your gloves).

9. Hand cream

Argan oil can be used instead of hand cream, in addition to excellent irrigation ability, argan oil also has an antibacterial effect. One drop is enough to leave your hands soft and silky. Argan oil feeds and protects them from harsh weather conditions in winter, and from harmful UV rays in summer.

10. Foot skin care

Spread a few drops of oil on the soles of your feet and put on wool or cotton socks. You can keep your socks on for 20 minutes or, if possible, all night. Argan oil perfectly helps to improve cracking heels and scaly foot soles.

11. Baby cream

Argan oil is also suitable for delicate and sensitive baby skin. It helps relieve dermatitis, redness and rashes that are common in young children, helps wounds heal faster and acts as a protective way for the skin. It is also suitable instead of diaper cream.

HOIA Argan oil is:
♥ Cold-pressed Morocco
♥ Organic and unrefined
♥ Produced in accordance with the principles of fair trade
♥ High quality
♥ 100% undiluted and pure Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
♥ Produced in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner


The environmental role of the argan tree – Argan trees grow only in a small area of Morocco and are part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The root system of the argan tree is very powerful, which prevents soil erosion and inhibits desertification. Since the oil is squeezed from the fruits of this tree, the tree itself is not damaged in the process, and the greater the demand for oil, the less the removal of trees for other purposes takes place. This, in turn, protects the area from desertification, provides shelter for plants from the hot sun and helps preserve a rare tree species. Walnut shells and seed paste left over from oil production are used as animal feed, and walnut peel is used as campfire material.

Socially beneficial – In many regions, the production of this oil is the only way for women to work outside the home and earn an income for themselves. This gives women the opportunity to feel economically independent and independent in a male-centred society. Most women use their income to provide better education for their children.

Argan oil is fancied by many Hollywood celebrities, this wonderful serum is used in its beauty treatments by Selena Comez, Charlize Theron, Taylor Swift, Gisele Bundsen, Eva Mendez, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian and many others.